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Volunteering/Community Service/Internships

The Leading Edge Educational Foundation, 501c3 Internship and Community Service Programs allow community members to invest their time toward their areas of interest and to gain valuable experience.  As they assist with LEEF programs, events, and instructional services, interns and volunteers contribute to success and growth in our community.


Interns and volunteer areas include: 


  • Instruction and Tutoring Assistance

  • Event Planning and Coordination

  • Social Media and Website Support

  • Community Outreach

  • Administrative Assistance


For acceptance into a LEEF Internship Program or to serve as a LEEF Volunteer, candidates are required to complete an application and interview process, and pass a background clearance.  The duration of internships and community service programs varies based upon qualifications and areas of need.  


To apply to the LEEF Internship Program or the LEEF Community Service Program, contact LEEF at (887) 686-5334 or email

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