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Yellow Brick Road To College Bound & Career Planning

Our vision is to make college a reality by adequately preparing students to matriculate and graduate from college.

  • Help to fill out the college application

  • Help with core subjects

  • Help brainstorm and edit personal statements and entrance essays

  • Help with recommendation letters

  • Prepare students for college interviews

  • Search for applicable scholarships

  • Help with application and essays for scholarships

  • Determine if Early Action and/or Early Decision is appropriate

The College Coaching for Success College Entrance Exam Studies:


  • PSAT

  • SAT Reading

  • SAT Writing

  • SAT Mathematics

  • ACT Reading

  • ACT Writing

  • ACT English

  • ACT Math

  • ACT Science

  • SAT Subject Tests

College Coaching for Success Program

The College Coaching for Success Program has successfully helped many students find the right school that fits their financial and academic needs. By guiding students through each application step, the program aims to help student’s dreams come true. It will help students to be well informed about what universities to choose and what the universities have to offer. Also, the program can begin the college academic preparation process and it can help make your student’s experience easy and positive.

Here are ways in which the College Bound & Career Planning Prepare High School Students. The program will help:

  • To offer advice for choosing high school course work that will benefit student when the time comes to transition to college.

  • To help students academically in core subjects related to college entrance.

  • To help students narrow down college interest and career.

  • To provide assistance with scholarship essays and college admissions essays.

  • To provide help with confusing financial aid applications.

  • To help keep the student up to date on his/her college ambitions.

  • To help the student make the right choices concerning college career and career profession

  • To help student with college entrance exams starting point


The College Coaching for Success Program will offer Writing Prep Skills:

  • Writing Personal Statements

  • Rhetorical Analysis (Public Speaking)

  • The Writing Process

  • Choosing a Research Topic

  • Grammar

  • Evaluating Resources

  • Writing with Confidence

  • Annotated Bibliography

  • Prevent Plagiarism

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