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Organizing for Success in School and Beyond

Did you know that organizational skills are considered one of the top 10 skills that all of us should have to be successful?  Organizational skills are directly connected to your achievement in school, in your career, and in life.  Just like any other skills, keeping yourself organized can be learned.  Get organized, save valuable time, and do everything better!  Learn what kind of an organizer you are, and how to manage your time, tasks, and work space more successfully.

Financial Skills for Today’s Youth

As a young adult today, you have more opportunity than ever to make money decisions and you have more choices to pick from, too.  Start out strong-it’s never too soon to learn good money skills!  Get informed and learn how to avoid the traps and understand the real costs and real value.

Interpersonal Skills in a Hi-Tech World

With today’s technology, we have an ever- expanding ability to communicate with more people in more places, than ever before!  Know how to listen and communicate clearly, whether it’s in person, over the phone, online, or on paper.  Learn more about why it's so important to you and your future!

Writing Skills Workshop

Sharpen your pencil and your writing skills! This three-hour course takes you through selecting your essay topic, personal responses, and identifying your best supporting statements.  Build your understanding of the mechanics of sentence structure, the best word selection and positioning, and learn easy-to-use strategies for organizing your ideas and information.

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