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Reading Rascals believe that core skills needed for a successful productive life are learned and enlarged before the age of 6 in young scholars. Also, Reading Rascals recognizes the extraordinary expansion that occurs during the young scholar’s early years. Therefore, we focus on stimulating each young scholar’s innate craving for knowledge by introducing and reinforcing core learning competencies and promoting accelerated growth for kindergarten readiness.


We are committed to providing a high-quality early learning pre-reading program. We will build the solid foundation for ALL Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten and beyond young scholars’ skills. We will help the young scholar become equipped and ready prior to entering kindergarten on the first day of school.


VISION Statement: Where we inspire, where we teach, where we grow.


  • To ensure that ALL students enter kindergarten equipped, prepared and ready to meet the core competencies on day one of school

  • To ultimately graduate prepared for college, careers and life

  • To increase student performance measures, postsecondary readiness and graduation rates and to decrease student management incidences


OBJECTIVES Statements:

  • Young Scholars will strengthen their cognitive skills.

  • Young Scholars will increase their pre-reading skills.

  • Young Scholars will strengthen their fine and gross motor skills.

  • Young Scholars will enhance their interpersonal/social skills.

  • Young Scholars will enhance intrapersonal skill; improve their independence and self-reliance.

For more information about our early literacy program 

please contact Breada Webster at 888-517-3522

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