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Summer Math Enrichment

Students will master key math concepts such as fractions, decimals, geometry, and logical thinking through a variety of games, puzzles, and art projects. They will strengthen a range of math skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Summer Reading & Writing Enrichment

Did you know that next year testing for all grades will include more reading and writing?! Join our Reading and Writing Lab and be prepared. Reading and Writing for all levels! Individually paced reading/writing activities and instruction.

Spanish For Young Minds

Introduces your child to basic words, common phrases and beginner conversation with the use of creative instruction and activities.

Summer Bridge

Our Summer Bridge program is an educational based camp held during the summer to refine the skills learned this school year, as well as give students a preview of the curriculum they will be doing next year. 

Preparing For School (Kinder, Elementary School, Middle School, High School & College Levels)

Make the transition to school, or from one level to the next, by preparing ahead.  Ensure that your child has the basic skills that support success in the classroom before they get there. 

Summer Book Club

Books come alive through roundtable discussions as students explore characters, plot, theme, conflict, and resolution. Both avid and reluctant readers will find new literary inspiration through the sharing of ideas in this creative class.

Customized Early Learn To Read Program: "Reading Rascals"

Make reading fun and easy by developing your child’s comprehension and phonics skills. Available in three levels designed for teaching first-time readers, as well as accelerating beginner readers to an intermediate level. 

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